SAKURA Cook Book 2012

Japanese cooking in Finnish landscapes

The cooking book was a hobby project that took two years to finalise, as the photo-shootings took place during different seasons and various locations nearby Helsinki. Once the cherry blossoms passed by too quickly in early Finnish April, the team waited patiently one year for new blossoms…

Most of the tableware and objects are specially designed for the book by Nathalie Lautenbacher and Naoto Niidome.

Authors: Satomi Sugimoto (recepies), Naoto Niidome (text, visualization and objects), Nathalie Lautenbacher (text & tableware), Liisa Valonen (photography), Riikka Kuukka (graphic design), Christer Lindgren (initiator & forewords)

Publisher: Readme.fi

Photos by Liiisa Valonen

Photos by Liiisa Valonen